My name is Olanrewaju Adeleye, but I am known as Lanre. I was born in Nigeria in 2003 but currently, live in the United Kingdom. I am a photographer, graphic designer and web developer. I first got into iMedia when I started high school when I was deciding my GCSE options and decided to get into it and from there fell in love with all aspects of Media. In April 2017 I was part of the Diana Award Mentoring Programme, which increased my confidence. I was able to showcase my talent. I designed a website and logo for the group, which we called the Freedom Walkers, and produced a video as well. After the programme finished I thought it was the end, but after my 6 week holiday, I was offered a trip to Facebook Headquarters, California to attend a youth summit. Which, by far, was the BEST experience of my life and will always treasure it.

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Check out my Photography Portfolio

Check out my Photography Portfolio

Raising Money For Eilidh’s Trust

To raise money for the Eilidh MacLeod Memorial Trust, I am hosting Eilidh’s Show at the Chapel FM Arts Centre. Money raised at this show will go towards the trust’s aims which are to build a memorial for Eilidh and the other victims of the Manchester Bombing Attacks, on the Isle of Barra, and to advance the musical educations for young people in rural areas. Eilidh was a passionate piper and I am so happy to dedicate this show to her.

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